We Strive For

a world where every child attains the right to child welfare, survival,protection, development and participation.

Do for Children was established in Malawi in 2018 in order to improve the lives of children through quality education, proper health care, and economic development opportunities, Do for Children is also providing support with emergency aid in the humanitarian sector. It was founded on the principles that support enforcement of the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child. Do for Children has 5 key priority areas of operations: Integrated Health, Food and nutrition security, Quality education, Governance and Advocacy and Climate Change Resilience.

Our mission: to work together in the fight to end poverty, to create safe spaces for children to be empowered for lasting changes

Our Core Values

Our Team

I find Do for Children a learning organization and I chose to be part of the agents of change in the lives of children

Gracious Banda
M&E Officer

I am a Teacher by profession, working with children has always made me happy

Vinjeru Mvula
Sponsorship Coordinator

Enjoys working with smallholders farmers, particularly supporting women with enterprise farming

Opher Mwale
Project Officer

I have always wanted to do social work, and Do for Children is an amazing organization, doing awesome things for children

Rabison Banda
Project Officer

It is amazing to work with the children and look at how communities transform

Daniels Ngwira
Project Officer

Has worked with the youth in the past and would like to continue supporting youth development initiatives particularly adolescent girls

Pempho Kasema
Program Officer

Edna joined in 2018 and since then she has been happy to see communities develop and practice her entrepreneurial skills.

Edina Tumbwe
Capacity Building Officer

Our Volunteers

Passionate about working with community women and dedicates a lot of her time volunteering to help with keeping girls in school initiatives.



Sarah works with 11 villages as a community facilitator, trains fellow volunteers, and supports youth and women groups on integrated health-related issues.



“I have volunteered for many organizations including CARE and Do for Children, supporting community development initiatives makes me happy, I love my community, the people here and, of course my reputation.”



"Some people tell me that you can't save all girls from early marriage and my response is, "Yes, I know that, but I can certainly try and a little I can do will still make a difference."



Thoko Volunteers with Do for Children an Irrigation scheme because this is where the community rely on to supplement their rain fed food items to avoid cases of hunger.



Our Partners