Our Work in COVID-19


Current Projects

Do for Children's COVID-19 response strategy is aligned with the Government of Malawi's National COVID-19 preparedness and response plan. Do for Children is working in collaboration with the government of Malawi, the Cluster System, UN and other agencies providing complementary efforts by providing support to District Youth Networks and community structures using technical/sectoral expertise. Our primary focus has been around preventive measures and response, aimed at stopping the fast spread of the virus and mitigating the impact


Our Goals

COVID-19 is a global crisis threatening children’s rights to life, development, education, social protection, and voice. If not mitigated, the pandemic poses risks and setbacks to progress made on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and exposing an entire generation of children to risk and hazards of not realizing their dreams. There is need for urgent action to protect children’s rights by ensuring that children and their families can access social services including protection throughout the pandemic and to support national systems and policies for effective preparation, adaptation and response to the evolving needs of children.


What We're Learning

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to cause more global challenges, at Do for children we are committed to keeping our teams and supporters as informed and connected with our impact populations as possible. Coronavirus pose devastating consequences for children and their rights, widening inequalities between rich and poor, boys and girls. We have learned overtime that crises like these hit the poor and the disadvantaged first and worst. We are working rapidly round the clock to ensure that children are safe, healthy, protected and in school.


Do for Children Donates to COVID

Do for Children Donates COVID-19 PPEs

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Malawi COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health Systems Preparedness Project

Looking Ahead

Moving ahead, our teams will continue working round the clock to ensure that no one gets left behind on COVID-19 related issues, we are working with the most vulnerable communities, focusing on women, girls and children to ensure that everyone is secure and healthy. We believe that no one is safe unless everyone is safe. In various service delivery points where healthcare systems are limited, Coronavirus prevention measures, such as handwashing, is lifesaving. 

Do for Children is working with communities and service providers including teachings, extension workers, health workers and community leaders in an effort to strengthen hygiene measures. Do for Children distributes sanitary facilities, soap, disinfectant, protective equipment and other supplies to schools, health facilities, and communities in need. 

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