Our Work in Governance & Advocacy


Current Projects

We recognize that governance challenges are complex, dynamic, and cross-cutting. They warrant a coordinated collaborative approach. Do for children works together with the state, civil society organizations, communities and other stakeholders to strengthen accountability everywhere

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Our Goals

Do for Children's ambitions are around Childs Rights Governance, and all dynamics around how this is delivered across different pathways in both development and emergency settings. Our dream for an innovative breakthrough on Investment in Children that is a hinge in propelling our efforts to bring about good governance for children.

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What We're Learning

Supporting citizens to engage in public policy processes has been the primary governance objective at Do for Children since the start. Our approaches are aimed at identifying critical governance issues to help us design a range of tools to help build the confidence of citizens to engage.


Community Led SDG Monitoring


NCAS for Population and Development

The Local Government System in Malawi

Participatory Governance, Inclusive Development & Decentralization in the Global South

Looking Ahead

Looking forward, we aim to ensure that our restless efforts support all rights for all children in all circumstances. We will work with civil society organizations, government and communities including children themselves to create spaces of engagement to hold states and the global community to account for children's rights, protection and welfare. 

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