Our Initiatives

Do for Children aims to make long-lasting improvements in the quality of life for deprived children in Malawi and other developing countries. We strive to achieve our goal through building relationships among people of different cultures and backgrounds, helping deprived children and families to meet their basic needs, and increasing awareness of the rights and interests of the younger generations. 

We strive to advance children's rights and promote gender equality.

Do for Children seeks to empower children and communities to make vital changes that tackle the root causes of gender discrimination, social exclusion and vulnerability. We drive changes at local, national and international levels through creating initiatives and implementing policies, therefore effectively targeting the crucial challenges our children are facing nowadays and promoting the equal rights of women and girls.  Moreover, we hope to use education as the primary means to build a resilient culture, equipping our children with the resources and tools to fully participate in political, economic, and social development of their communities. 

Our Strategies

  • Produce child-centred guidelines and tools designed to engage children in various development processes at local and national levels;

  • Encourage increases of government funding for DRR with a focus on local government;

  • Increase capacity and enhance coordination among stakeholders in order to build resilience;

  • Improve the efficiency of disaster preparedness and assist government and humanitarian organizations in disaster recovery;

  • Create participation platforms and opportunities for children to make their voice hear by the overall community; 

  • Promote the development of organizational structures for schools and communities to discuss and tackle the risks associated with disasters; 

  • Support children in their efforts to advocate for risk prevention and preparedness at local, national, and international levels.