Investing in young people’s education is an investment in their future and generations to come

Why sponsor through Do For Children?

As it is manifested in our name, Do for Children is founded on the principles of ensuring that children and their communities are safe, secure and able to support themselves.  By sponsoring a child, you are not only supporting that child, but that help also goes a long way supporting their entire community to overcome disadvantage. The pool of funds from you and other sponsors will invest in long-term, community-driven programs that are crafted to bring about sustainable change in child survival, safety and development. Children in sponsorship catchment communities, including those who did not have the opportunity to have their own sponsor eventually have a chance to benefit from your support through ripple effect.

By sponsoring a child for as little as $32 per month, here is how your contribution will help in different parts of their life:

$8 to buy a school



$5 to buy school shoes


$18 to help a child with food items


$10 to support with medical expenses


$1 to support a girl with menstrual pads


$2 to facilitate transportation to and from school


$10 to help pay a child pay for beddings


$5 to support with learning materials

While many children have the potential, work ethic and determination to accomplish their educational goals, financial challenges become a barrier holding them back from reaching their full potential.  Sponsoring a child can remove this financial obstacle, making it possible for these children to realize their dreams.

Sponsor A Child

Select a student to sponsor through monthly donations for $32/month. When you commit to sponsoring a child, you will:

  • Receive an Introductory Package, this pack will have information about your child, family background and the school system

  • Be regularly posted on the progress of your child at least 3 times a year

  • Opportunity to video call/e-mail the students during their breaks

Contribute to Pool

If you want your contribution to positively impact multiple students, you can choose to contribute to our sponsor pool with your preferred amount, which will be used solely to improve our students' lives.

  • The funds collected in this pool will be distributed equally amongst all of our students with the highest needs.

  • Receive regular updates showcasing the positive impact of your contribution through our newsletters once you sign up.


Using the funds we raised through our sponsor pool, we were able to provide students with masks and keep them safer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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