Spend your free time helping the youth

Spend your free time helping the youth
Why Volunteer with us?
  • Our volunteer programs provide project-driven professional and practical experience for undergraduate and graduate students. 

  • Our programs provide closely monitored, project-driven professional and practical experience for volunteers interested in contributing to DFC’s projects and initiatives. 

  • Our volunteers trust us to ensure they can volunteer at Do for Children with confidence, assured that they will be supported at every step of the process. 

  • We offer  pre-online service training, airport pick-ups, program orientations, 24/7 support, secure accommodation and impactful volunteer work.




Some people tell me that you can't save all girls from early marriage and my response is, "Yes, I know that, but I can certainly try and a little I can do will still make a difference.


I have volunteered for many organizations including CARE and Do for Children, supporting community development initiatives makes me happy, I love my community, the people here and, of course my reputation.

Volunteer Opportunities
Community Level 

Community Volunteers are playing an instrumental role in assisting communities to help children thrive. At Do for Children, we believe that some assignments demand a strong community presence, local knowledge and networks; these volunteers often live and work in their own communities.


Qualified volunteer opportunities at DFC range from short-term to long-term, and are provided in a diverse of areas including fundraising, public policy, and other local programs that promote health, education, and social protection


Our pool of International volunteers come with experiences that help foster an enabling environment for sustainable change through cross-learning and sharing experiences with the local teams in the fight against global poverty.

We also host different events throughout the year to encourage active community participation.

If you have any questions, please contact us through this link!