We believe that making individual community members stronger creates lasting impact and resilience.

Recent Projects

Through Community Health Systems Strengthening project (CHESS), on September 2020, Do for Children Organization donated Personal Protective Equipment(PPEs) towards prevention of COVID-19 pandemic at Kaputalambwe Primary School, Senga zone, Traditional Authority Nkukula, Dowa district.

In the past, community members had problems with post-harvest management as much of the produce was sold for cash. With the creation of backyard gardens communities are easily accessing nutritional benefits right in their homes all year round. Through this project, we have encouraged members of our community to have a diversified diet.

Do For Children conducted sessions in Kachakhwala village where the people were sensitized on good practices of irrigation farming to ensure better yields and reduce the impacts of malnutrition for better health of children. Women have been encouraged to get engaged in VSL groups so as a means of being empowered and benefit from doing small scale businesses. 

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